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Studio Mow



All the necessities to help you create glitter-themed crafts and outstanding cards. Add a metallic or 3D effect to any of your projects. Start creating with your favorite Studio MOW products!


3D paint

Give depth to all your creations with this great product. Put dots, draw lines and provide that real 3D wow factor! A versatile product that belongs in every creative assortment. Be creative and play with the many possibilities!

Glitter Marker

Greeting cards, decorations or gifts, these all become more fun with the use of the Glitter Marker. With the versatility of colours there is always a choice. The diamond cap makes this product a real eye catcher.

Before you make it, don’t forget to shake it!

Craft mousse

With this beautifully coloured mousse you can make the most fantastic creations. The mousse is buttery and spreads like cream. Apply the cream thinly for a refined look, or apply it thickly to give an extra dimension to your design. With the beautiful colour, any design will be fantastic!

Glitter spray

Looking for the finishing touch for your design? This is it! Make a beautiful creation with one of the Studio MOW products and finish it off with this Glitter spray. Or create a whole new design with all the beautiful colours available, essential for every creative person.


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